Hi. I'm Roydon

A full stack web developer based in Bangalore, India.

Hi there

I'm a full stack web developer based in UnoPay.

I primarily develop high availability backend systems and interactive applications for the web and mobile platforms.

I have been working for over three and a half years at TechJini Inc; Prior to that I had been working as a freelance web developer for over a period of three to four years while pursuing my studies at St. Aloysius College (AIMIT), Mangalore.

Following are the domains I have worked in: Ad Targeting & Reporting Platforms, Digital Wallet Platforms, Cards & Payment Processors, Human Resource Information Systems ,Content Management Systems etc

Have good working knowledge with the following cloud service providers:
Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Services and Digital Ocean

Following are the frameworks I have worked on:
Symfony, Silex, CodeIgniter, Ruby on Rails, Angular JS and content management systems like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla.

Apart from my mainstream career next generation space tech, artificial neural networks and behavioral patterns, star gazing, photography and history invoke interest to me. I am always on a look out for solving challenging real world problems.

You can find out more about me and my work on LinkedIn, Github or Facebook


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